Hinkler Museum

The Hinkler Hall of Aviation in Bundaberg commemorates the life of Bert Hinkler, one of Australiaís pioneering aviators. The museum is home to five planes and memorabilia which showcase Bertís inventions, innovation and historical achievements, including the first solo flight from Britain to Australia in 1928.

The Costello Seats positioned at each information kiosk, and the Hinkler Bench situated in the foyer, complement and accentuate the museumís aeronautical forms and reinforce the notion of innovation and achievement. The Hinkler bench was commissioned as an extension of the unique shape of the highly awarded Costello Seat, which like Bert, has travelled the world with much acclaim in Italy and the UK.

All pieces were produced using cross-laminated bamboo with water-based finishes in accordance with environmentally preferred design guidelines. For further information about this commission and specifications of the pieces used, please
contact Kent Gration.

Hinkler Case Study - PDF (256kb)